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Abbe and I just returned from sky diving. It was awesome! Absoultely AMAZING!
Just one hiccup which I will explain in a moment. After about 8,000 feet of free fall, I got to float on the parachute for what seemed like twenty minutes although it probably was only about five. One of the best experiences in my life!
Abbe really enjoyed her Sky Dive, until her landing when she hooked her foot on the sod and broke her leg in five places. Lots of pain and an operation after ten days to insert a rod, a screw and a plate, then about six weeks on crutches. The doctors and nurses at Kennedey Hospital in Turnersville, NJ were fantastic – kind, expert and caring.

The serenity that you feel while floating, once the parachute has unfurled, is lovely.


With the news that Abbe had hurt her leg on landing, the enthusiasm for the idea quickly waned to be replaced with a complete determination to make things as comfortable and stress-free for her as possible. We needed to get her back to her Long Island home from the airport and the emergency room in south New Jersey and tend to the multitude of logistics that her leg-break has occasioned – pre-surgical clearances and surgery; time off from work; groceries; the dog and the cats; locate a walker (much easier to use than crutches) and bedside commode chair, etc.  Abbe’s daughter, Elora, has been doing exemplary nursing duty for her mother. The video and still photos of Abbe’s jump that came back from Free Fall Adventures were less than what we had hoped for, so that just compounded the disappointment.




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