After some wonderful and enjoyable trips over the past year to Maya sites in Guatemala (twice), New Orleans, Taos, and the National Parks of Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon, the upcoming twelve months seem full of opportunities to expand my horizons.

Next month will see me flying to Denali National Park in Alaska, then cruising down the Inner Passage on the Princess Sapphire. I plan to bring my laptop and blog the entire trip as well as post the good pictures on my FLICKR site (see the link to the lower left). Tune in for my experiences.

At the end of this year, I will join Bill Grimes on his small boat, Dawn on the Amazon III, (see his blog link to the left) in Iquitos, Peru to tour the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve between the Ucayali and Marañon rivers in northeastern Peru. I love the jungle. The Amazon has been calling to me all my life. Two of my favortite films of all time are Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo, by Werner Herzog. Both films star the certifiable and great actor, Klaus Kinski. Both were filmed in and near Iquitos as told in Herzog’s documentary My Best Friend. Before Kinski was signed as Fitzcarraldo, the part belonged to Jason Robards, who became ill in Iquitos during filming and could not continue. So the segments of the movie with Robard’s (as Fitzcarraldo) young assistant, Mick Jagger, are not included in the completed film. The house in Iquitos used in the film is now a Bed & Breakfast called Casa Fitzcarraldo. I will stay at Casa Fitzcarraldo in the blue bedroom which belonged to Mick Jagger. If we can arrange it, Bill and I will take a separate river cruise up the Amazon River to the compound of the Peruvian artist, Francisco Grippa. Bill is supposedly a great cook and I look forward to some fine meals aboard his four-cabin steamboat.

In the coming year, I plan to fly to Giza to tour the Egyptian pyramids, then fly on to Luxor for more pyramids. Then I will board a dahabiya (an ancient Egyptian sailing vessel) to cruise the Nile with a few like-minded companions in search of even more pyramids and adventure. After which, if I am lucky, I will fly home from Aswan.


Welcome to my new Blog. Hopefully, this will become a hitching post for your ideas and comments and contributions to some of the benchmarks my timeline is producing as I navigate this old cosmos. Fell free to browse, and talk among yourselves. Follow some of the links and find out where my connections have led me and continue to lead me. The About page has more.

An old Asante proverb says, in Twi: “WOFRO DUA PA A NA YEPIA WO” which means “one who climbs a tree worth climbing gets all the help deserved.”


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