The morning began spectacularly as we cruised up Glacier Bay to the Marjorie Glacier. Along the way I saw three different humpback whales breech and many seals and sea otters. The glaciers were so beautiful. I think the most serene part of the scenery is the frozen covering of the sea by the debris from the calving on the glacier front. I was lucky enough to see two calvings from the Marjorie Glacier.


The chef sent a plate of strawberries dipped in white chocolate because I had complained Sunday morning about my eggs Benedict at breakfast which came out with baked on crust on the poached eggs. After I removed the white chocolate the strawberries were delicious. It was quite thoughtful of the chef to assuage my feelings with the gift.

The food has been quite good; not excellent, but very good. My table companions are very nice. Jim is a post office computer programmer from Atlanta, a Vietnam vet, but very enlightened and a pleasure to talk with. I have been drinking Pouilly Fuissee with every evening meal.

Wednesday night is the Captain’s Party for the Captain’s Gold Circle members which coincides with the formal night so I shall attend in my tuxedo with Abbe’s lovely African pin and the kente bow tie and cumberbund.