I went shopping this morning in Juneau for bedroom slippers. I found some lovely, extremely comfortable ones made of calf skin on the bottom and sides and lined with rabbit fur. They were only $55 and came with a lifetime guarantee against stitches failing. Exactly what I was looking for.  I also found a neat gift for David Rosenthal. A blue-grey tee shirt with an eagle on it saying Bald is Beautiful. He should love it.

It the afternoon I went on what would be the most rewarding, most beautiful time of my life since my trip to Macchu Pichu in 1985. I took a canoe, paddling along with ten other persons across Mendenhall Lake, between ice bergs up to the face of Mendenhall Glacier then on to the base of the Nugget Waterfall which is located just beside the Glacier.

Absolutely awesome! ! 

I am sure it is one of the finest memories of my lifetime. The paddling was tiring, but enervating. I took scores of photos. And the weather was perfect. Sunny, about 63 degrees. Yesterday, in Skagway, it reached 73 degrees with just some random showers in an otherwise sunny day. Up until last Thursday when I first arrived in Denali, it apparently was raining constantly on one of the coldest, wettest summers on record here in Alaska.  Much more than I could ever have hoped for.