A very relaxing day; gathering my strength after the exertions of the land tours in Denali Park. Dinner last night was enjoyable. I am meeting a lot of interesting people. Definitely a wrinklies convention. This morning I spent some time talking with a retired tool and die machine programmer from Chicago named John. He rides his Harley motorcycle with a group called the Road Patriots, but is an interesting man. I gave him my African earring which looked great on him. He was quite touched. Tonight is the Captain’s Cocktail party which I will attend in my tuxedo because this is the first of the two formal nights on board. I have chosen to have dinner at 8:00 every night in the traditional dining room thereby establishing a continuing circle of dinner companions. The food all comes from the same kitchen so the only difference in dining rooms is the service and the companionship. I ordered a bottle of Pouilly Fuisse wine last night, drank half, after a pina collada and before a Courvousier VSOP brandy for dessert. The remaining half-bottle is waiting for me at dinner tonight.