We cruised to Skagway last night and I awoke early to catch a bus up the White Pass into Canada and the Yukon Territory. By serendipity, the driver was a carver of fossil mammoth tusk named Bruce Schindler. Very personable and together.  He graduated from the University of Washington and has lived in Skagway for sixteen years. We became fast friends. I may buy some of his work from his web site ( http://www.schindlercarvings.com ) later this Fall. The scenery going up was interesting; we were served a routine BBQ chicken lunch which I did not eat and we came back down in the 73 degree heat to Fraser where we caught the antique railroad down the White Pass. I saw several salmon in the creek near Skagway, three Dall sheep at two different places. Then high on the pass, I saw three Rocky Mountain Goats grazing.  A very interesting day. It culminated is a very profitable shopping trip in Skagway. I purchased an ammolite pendant for Abbe with an absolutely beautiful circular setting including three Canadian polar diamonds. For Christmas for her, I found pair of gold nugget earrings with small beads of mammoth ivory. For Claudia, I was able to find a lovely  necklace of trade beads from Africa and Russia, made in the Skagway area. And I bought an exquisite royal purple beaded bag for Abbe’s cell phone with a lavender cameo stone on it.