Well, there have certainly been enough of them. First, Abbe had to cancel coming on the cruise with me because her new job did not have vacation time available during her first six months probationary period. This cancelation became moot when Abbe broke her leg while we were skydiving a couple of weekends ago in South New Jersey. She is undergoing surgery today to insert a screw and a plate to stabilize her healing bones. I am SOOOOOOrry that all this happened. Mostly because of the pain Abbe so bravely endured. But we are both adults and she has often said that she went into the sky diving adventure with her eyes open.
Then, Mt. Katmaiin Alaska has been erupting. This has caused cancelations of flights of Alaska Airlines, although it is impossible to tell if that is due to the volcanic ash or the cost of fuel and Alaska Airlines near bankruptcy. In 1912, nearby Mt. Novarupta, erupted in an eruption twice the size of the famous eruption of Krakatoa in Java which killed 35,000 people. If the volcanic ash causes any delays they will be absorbed in the days I will be spending at Denali Park.
Last Friday, I was feeling pains in my chest as I had been all week. Abbe, as a good nurse, said, “Call the doctor.” I called Dr. Marc Weinberg and he had me come immediately to his office in Huntington from Abbe’s house in West Hempstead. Happily, the pain was muscular, not cardiac-related. Probably a bruise from the parachute strap opening with a jolt while I was skydiving on the 2nd. At least I got a cardiac physical exam in before the cruise.